See what our athletes are saying about our classes. 

Crossfit Giant is THE place to have a challenging workout. The coaches are extremely supportive who encourage athletes to challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort zone.
All in all, you have an awesome workout, while having a lot of fun and meeting positive people at the same time!
— Pooja S.
The best choice and investment I have ever made for myself. Awesome and friendly coaches are really dedicated to help you make progress. I can tell that these guys really love what they do and are trained to do their jobs.
— Sinclair K.
This place is more than a gym - its a community. Great coaching staff with varying areas of specialization ranging from gymnastics to parkour (as well as olympic weightlifting, yoga, martial arts and strongman training). This place has it all - guys that squat over 500 pounds to moms that realize that there is more to fitness than going for a jog. No matter your level of fitness and strength everyone is nice and treats everyone with respect and appreciation.
— Alan K.
Been working out here for a year and love the coaches and community. Great place for anyone looking to get fast results and make new friends.
— Ilana E.
CrossFit Giant has been such a positive impact on our lives. This is our first exposure to CrossFit and with this sport it seems that everything hinges on the quality of the coaching. I am amazed at the depth and skill of the coaching staff at this gym. They cover a wide range of expertise and styles: Olympic lifting, gymnastics, mobility, as well as the traditional crossfit movements.

I have been particularly happy with the workout programming. I can tell that week after week a lot of thought and care goes into workout selection. We don’t just do the usual “named” workouts. The programming allows for progression in many of the standard lifts while also having a good diversity so as to keep from getting bored. The warmup and cool down periods of the classes are some of my favorites, they are tailored to the workout each day.
— Brain T.