If you've landed on this page, chances are you are looking for a change.  Let us answer your questions and let's get started on achieving your goals.


1.  What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a general preparedness program defined as constantly varied, functional, movement done at high intensity.  We borrow from many different disciplines including olympic weightlifting, running, gymnastics, kettlebells, power lifting, body weight exercises, and endurance sports to name a few.  Work-outs are done a class setting and will be referred to as a Workout Of the Day or WOD.  Classes are no bigger than 20 members, last an hour, and are led by expert trainers who will help you with correct technique and motivate you to do your best.  The best way experience CrossFit is to try it.  We have free trial classes each week where you can experience it yourself.

2.  I am really out of shape, do I need to get in better shape before starting CrossFit?

Absolutely not.  CrossFit can take any level of fitness and improve upon it.  All exercises can be scaled to your ability and many athletes that train with us scale weights, gymnastic skills, length and intensity of workouts to suit their specific fitness.  Our trainers are experts in tailoring each workout exactly to yours.  We have all sorts of clients, young and old, strong, fast, slow, weak, petite, overweight, underweight and everything in between.  Some clients have injuries from all walks of life and we can still help them adapt their abilities to the CrossFit methodology.  Movement is for everyone.

Whether your goal is to loose weight, get stronger, feel better, look better, or be happier, we can help you achieve it.  We have built an unwavering supportive community.

3.  Do instructors scream and yell like drill sergeants?

No.  Trainers are experts in the movements you'll be doing in CrossFit and their mission is to help you do them efficiently and safely.  Our trainers also help motivate you and create a relaxing and fun environment.

4.  I've never lifted heavy weights before.  Do I have to lift such heavy weight?

Every workout is scaled to your ability and our trainers will work with you on your form and weight will be added incrementally.  You won't start off day 1 lifting like the athletes you see on ESPN.  Over time as you get stronger and faster, we'll help you increase weight and complexity to make sure the workouts remain challenging and trans-formative.

5.  How often do I have to show up to see results?

We recommend 2 to 3 days in a row of class followed by a day of  rest or active recovery.  Active recovery can mean a light row or run, stretching (mobility) work.  Showing up consistently is key.  You simply need to bring a good attitude and a willingness to work hard and we'll take care of the rest.

6.  Do I get access to other CrossFit gyms?

No.  All CrossFit gyms or "Affiliates" are independently owned and operated by thousands of different owners across the country.  Membership is specific to each gym.

7.  I have done boot-camp style classes,  spinning, ect.  Can I skip your foundations course?

It's important to learn each movement correctly so unless you have trained at another CrossFit affiliate and completed their beginners course, we require that all new members take our foundations course.  Some movements, such as the snatch and clean and jerk,  are technical in nature and you'll have fun learning with our trainers.

8.  Where are you located?

We have 2 facilities located in Bergen County,  115 river rd, Edgewater and 250 south van brunt st. Englewood

9.  I would like private instruction to complete my foundations course.  Is this available?

Yes this is available at private training rates.  Please email us at info@crossfitgiant.com or call us at 201-212-3258

10.  Ok Lets do this!  how do I get started?