Wear long pants for the rope climb



Buy In: 15 Legless Rope Climbs
With remainder of the time:
45 Unbroken Double Unders
15 Handstand Pushups
AMRAP 20min


Buy In: 15 Rope Climbs
With remainder of the time:
45 Double Unders
15 Handstand Pushups
AMRAP 20min


Buy In: 15 Strict Ring Pullups
With remainder of the time:
45 Single Unders
15 Barbell Press
AMRAP 20min


Aim to get around 10 rounds. Remember, the Rope Climbs are included in the 20min AMRAP. Whatever time is remaining of the 20min after perform the Rope Climbs is what you have left to perform the Couplet. The faster yoi do the Climbs, the more potential rounds you can perform.

Beyond Rxd: 15 Legless Rope Climbs might be a little much for some people. You can choose to modify the reps to 10 or perform as many legless as you can and then have them finish off with regular Rope Climbs. The Double Unders need to be unbroken. This will start to get challenging towards the end of the workout. Make sure you take enough breathing rest before they start that set. Timing with that is important. The goal to be how many rounds can you hold unbroken Handstand Pushup for.

Rxd: As above, scale the reps of the Rope Climbs down as needed. If yoi think you can only get through 5, then do that. Today is the day to try get them done in a workout since you will be fresh while doing them. To scale the Rope Climb, Scale to Chest to Bar Pullups or really hard Inverted Ring Rows.

We kept the reps at 15 for the Handstand Pushups for you. Mainly so you wouldn’t be spending the majority of the time doing Double Unders, but also to give you an additional challenge. Modify to 10 reps if you are going to need to break them up from the start. Or scale the movement Box Pike Pushups today.

Fitness: To keep the intensity high for you, we have used movements (Single Unders and Press) that you can continue to perform even when you are fatigued. We have eliminated the skill portion of the workout. Use a weight for the Press that you are able to perform 15 reps with unbroken for at least a few rounds. This will definitely get hard for you during this workout since it is so long. An empty Barbell might even be too much, so have Dumbbells as an option too.



    PART 1:

    To be done 30 minutes before class

    Hang Snatch

    NOTE: Quickly build to a heavy single for the day. These are full snatches from the hang position (above the knee).

    PART 2:

    Do Beyond Rx’d programming for the day.

    Rest 15 minutes

    For time:
    200m Backwards sled drag (BW/.75BW)

    NOTE: Goal is to finish the 200m as fast as possible. Start fast and hold on!