Skills – 

Rope Climb Progression

Pull to stand
S Variation
J Variation

Accumulate 15 Rope climbs (10 min Cap)




In teams of 3, complete 5 min at each station accumulating as many reps as possible: Rest 60 sec between stations

A)Yoke Carry (add  280 / add 140) scaled use a barbell– Alternate every 50 ft: 10ft = 1 rep

B)Double Front Rack KB Carry(53/35) – Alternate 100ft: 10 ft = 1 rep

C) Edgewater Only                                                                                                                                                 Tire Flip and jumps 3 tire flips 10 tire jump (box jumps) rotate after each round 

C) **Englewood Only
10 Slam Balls 10 Box jumps