• The Whole30 Challenge starts tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day to get your photo taken.

  • Check in on FaceBook, This April, every 2 check-ins = 1 minute of autism therapy through The Autism Site

  • Barbell Club programming is up for the week. Check out yesterdays post to get the programming. If you want to follow the program, come on Sundays to Edgewater, Tuesdays to Englewood and use open gym to complete the other 2 workouts for the week.  



A)Back Squat

3 x 5 reps +5-10lbs from last week


B)On the minute for 10 minutes

Even: Kick-up to Handstand Hold :20 sec or wall walk to hold

Odd: 3 -5 reps Box Handstand Push-ups, Negatives or Strict Handstand Push-ups



A) Bulgarian Split Squats (DB/KB or Barbell)

4 x 8 reps (each leg)

*build up


B)On the minute for 10 minutes

Even: 6 x Handstand Leg Lower or 20 sec off wall handstand hold

Odd: 3 x Deficit Handstand Push-up



For time:

21-15-9 reps

Medball Clean(20/14)


Toes to Bar