friday october 28: halloween costume party 8pm edgewater box
sunday october 30: barbell for boobs event 10am englewood box

Odd Min: Row 15/10cals
Even Min: 10 Deadlifts (265/185lbs)


Odd Min: Row 12/8cals
Even Min: 10 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)


Odd Min: Row 10/6cals
Even Min: 10 Deadlifts


The two movements together probably seem redundant, but that is the point for today. Double Whammy Row/Deadlift. One using bodyweight, the other load. It creates an interesting stimulus for sure. The focus is on holding the Row Calorie numbers. The Deadlift is just white noise to make that goal a little harder. Make sure you scale the Deadlift so you can always hit a set of 10. You will want that rest during that minute since you probably won’t get it on the Row.

Beyond Rxd: The Row numbers are definitely doable, but hard for 7 rounds. Especially paired with the Deadlifting. Challenge yourself to last the whole 7 rounds or see how many rounds you can get through with those numbers. The load for the Deadlift is moderate. Ten reps unbroken each round should be the goal. Maximise rest as much as possible before hitting the Row again.

Rxd: Adjust the Calories accordingly. You shouldn’t really have much rest time at the end of the Row— 10sec Max. So, if you think you can hit the Calorie numbers each round, then give Rxd a shot. The Deadlift is a moderate load. Ten reps unbroken each round should be the goal. Scale as needed.

Fitness: If you are concerned with loading up too much with both the Row plus the Deadlift, you can switch out one movement for something else. However, the Deadlift should be done pretty light. We want the main focus to be on hitting those Calories on the Rower.




Do Beyond Rx’d programming for the day.

Rest 10 minutes

On the minute for 10 minutes:
Odd: 25 Wallball (30/20#)
Even: 50 Double unders

NOTE: Goal is to complete each set unbroken with the minute. If you have not done this before, start with a (20/14#) ball and complete the work without timing out. Then progress up to the prescribed wallball weight next time we do this combo.


Rest 10 minutes

On the minute for 10 minutes:
Odd: 15/10 cal Assualt Bike
Even: 20 KB swings (32/24kg)

NOTE: Goal is to complete the work with the minute each time. Complete the 5 rounds without timing out.