100 meter walking lunges

10 False Grip Ring Row

10 DB/KB Snatch

800m Run

15  Chest to Bar Pullups

15 dB/KB Power Cleans

800m Run

20 Pull-ups

20 DB/KN Front Squats

100m Plate OH Walking Lunges


Chipper time! This one is going to take over 30min, so the Warmup/Prep will mostly be dedicated to going through the movements while getting you warm. The Workout is primarily made up of Pulling and Squatting. The Lunges will take a significant portion of the workout too. Mainly the OH Plate version at the end of the workout.

Today is not the day that you work on your Muscle Ups or Chest to Bar Pullups. If you know you have them for the given reps, then you can perform them in the workout, otherwise you should use the modifications suggested below.

The weight for both the Dumbells and the OH Plate lunges should be light to moderate. Nothing should feel too heavy for you, it will just be the fatigue that catches up with you and you will start to slow down.

Muscle Ups — Box Muscle Ups— Muscle Up Transitions (switch up foot positioning to make these easier or harder)
Bar Muscle Ups — Jumping Bar Muscle Ups — Jumping Chest to Bar Pullups
Chest to Bar Pullups — Pullups — Banded Pullups