5 – 3 – 1



5 – 3 – 1



5 – 5 – 5


Beyond RXD + RXD: Today, the focus is to go as heavy as possible on the Deadlifts. We have added in a finisher for afterwards. We have added some deficit Deadlifts into the Prep portion for something different and accessory work during your lighter loads. Done safely, these can help with strengthening that first piece of the Deadlift, and creates a different stimulus that most people are not used to. Only perform these if they are able to maintain your midline while standing on two 45lb plates with the barbell set up on the ground. For all others, just regular set up Deadlifts are fine. We suggest trying to bring the Barbell to a complete stop (without taking their hands off the bar) before performing their next rep. We do a lot of high rep tap-and-go style Deadlift workouts, so this is a good opportunity to slow down and work the positions.

Fitness: Work on good positioning at a moderate weight across 5 reps. Challenge yourself to increase the load a little each set, ending on something pretty heavy.

 Prepping for the Deadlift

*Start off with Deficit Deadlifts (Stand on two 45lb plates that are sitting next to each other on the ground, while the barbell is on the ground.)  


4 x 5 reps — Increase the weight on each set.

Then, back to regular Deadlifts:

4 x 3 reps — Increase the weight on each set.

* The last set should be pretty close to their starting weight of your first set of 5.

* When Performing 5-3-1 , Take roughly 3min rest between each set.

Finisher (8min):

Odd Minute: 10 Parallette Pass Throughs There and Back = 1 rep

Even Minute: 40 Lateral Jumps over the Parallete