Part 1:
Find a Heavy 3RM Bench Press

Part 2:
24 Bench Press @ 70% of above weight
72 Air Squats
48 Alternating Pistols


Part 1:
Find a Heavy 3RM Bench Press

Part 2:
24 Bench Press @ 60% of above weight
60 Air Squats
32 Alternating Pistols


Part 1:
Find a Moderate 3RM Bench Press

Part 2:
24 Bench Press
42 Air Squats
24 Walking Lunges


First part of todays session is to find a heavy 3RM bench press.

The second part of the Workout uses a percentage of what you just found with your Bench Press. The load for the 24 reps should be light enough so that you shouldn’t need a spotter.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The weight for the Bench Press is going to be moderate for most people. By the end of the 24, it will feel pretty heavy. You will need to break it up into 2 or more sets for sure. 

For the Pistols,  It is only one set of 48/32 reps so try doing them Rxd even if they can only do one at a time.

Fitness: For Part 1, You will be the moderator of how heavy you go. take around 10lbs off for Part 2 and use that for your 24 reps.



For Quality:
– Practice HS walking for 10 minutes. Try to hit a new max distance, or set up a course over plates and through an agility ladder to challenge yourself!


– Build to a heavy 5 and hold the same weight across the 5 working sets

Do Beyond Rx’d programming for the day.