Ghd hip extension
Plate Squats
MB Lying Toes to Bar
* 8 Rounds of each
* 1min Rest between movements


Weighted goodmornings
Plate Squats

Lying Toes to Bar* 8 Rounds of each
* 1min Rest between movements



Good mornings
Plate Squats
Lying Toes to Bar
* 8 Rounds of each
* 1min Rest between movements

Perform a whole round (8 x 20sec on/10sec off) of each movement before moving on to the next one. Thenrest 1min after each movement.

Scoring = Total reps (add all movement reps together). You can go balls to the wall on the first few sets and then slowly die off across the next few sets, or you can pick a number that is challenging but  know you can hold across all 8 sets. Both are affective and kind of poopy feeling, but very different!

Today we wanted to avoid any down Pulling movements so instead of Toes to Bar we have programmed a Lying Toes to Bar. Even though we use these as a modification for Toes to Bar, they aren’t by any means easy. We have just taken the shoulders out of the movement. They work the midline really well. Make sure you are reaching really high with your feet when you are in the top position. When they come down, make sure you don’t let your feet hang out on the ground (unless you are resting). The heels should tap the ground and go right back up again for the next rep. To scale the movement further,  bend your knees on the descent to take any pressure of your midline and to prevent their back from arching. Or,  perform regular Abmat Situps.

For the Plate Squats, we haven’t written a weight. We suggest that Beyond Rxd uses over 15lbs and Rxd 15lbs or less. Fitness may need to modify to regular Air Squats or use 5lbs or less. Holding the plate out and up for a full round of Tabata will get pretty spicy. Make sure the plate position doesn’t drop during the sets. Your arms should never be horizontal with the ground.

Beyond Rxd: To make the Lying Toes to Bar more challenging (other than performing more reps), add a light MB between your feet and see if you can hold on to it while performing the movement. If it slows you down too much, take it out. We want you to be able to cycle these relatively fast.



    PART 1:

    To be done  before class

    Back Squat

    NOTE: Build to a heavy 5 and hold the same weight across the 5 working sets. Try to be at a heavier weight than you did on 10/8.

    PART 2:

    For time:
    50 Strict pull ups
    – Complete in as few sets as possible

    Do Beyond Rx’d programming for the day.