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Weโ€™re glad to see youโ€™re ready to change your life through the power of GIANT's training and community, and youโ€™ve definitely picked the right place to start! At GIANT built, we have members of every age, size, shape and ability, so it doesnโ€™t matter where you are today; youโ€™re going to feel right at home when you walk through the door.


About GIANT built

GIANT built was founded in 2011 as a home for people to improve their fitness.  It has since grown into a community of like-minded individuals who support one another in obtaining optimal physical fitness and health in a friendly and motivating atmosphere. 

GIANT built is comprised of a community of coaches fully dedicated to providing athletes of all ability levels, regardless of age or gender, the guidance necessary to find true success along the road to achieving and surpassing fitness goals. The greater CrossFit Giant community is supportive and encouraging, allowing for a welcoming start for new athletes.